We present our

2021 Sin City Horror Fest

Award Winners!

Feature Films
Best Feature - To Freddy
Best Director - Brandon Christensen / SUPERHOST
Best Screenplay - Viljar Boe / To Freddy
Best Cinematography - Clayton Moore / SUPERHOST
Best Editing - Mike Schiff / The History of Metal and Horror
Best Actor - Steven Berkoff / Steven Berkoff's Tell Tale Heart
Best Actress - Gracie Gillam / SUPERHOST
Best Special FX - Die Influencers Die
Best Score - Fall of Usher
Best Sound Design - Night at the Eagle Inn
Best Kill - House of Inequity
Best Killer - Die Influencers Die

Short Films
Best Short - The Blood of Dinosaurs
Best Director - James Roe / Colossus
Best Screenplay - Jennifer Wolfe / You Will See Us
Best Cinematography - Koreatown Ghost Story
Best Editing - Anna Grenzfurthner / MeTube: 'Una furtiva lagrima'
Best Actor - Clay Trimble / The WIld Within
Best Actress - Brittany Conelly / You Will See Us
Best Special FX - Lets All Go To The Lobby
Best Score - Larva
Best Sound Design - Hunters Cabin
Best Kill - Overkill
Best Killer - Overkill

Congratulations to all of the winners!