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Voodoo deity transforms burlesque dancer into a "Valentine Vampire." Blood only whets her appetite--she must eat her victim's beating hearts. A bloody fun horror/comedy by director Richard Elfman, music by Danny Elfman and Ego Plum.

8:00PM PST

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Richard was born in the Watts district of inner-city Los Angeles. When he was five his family moved to Crenshaw ('Boyz in the Hood'), where he was exposed to diverse cultural influences, including African and Afro-Cuban percussion which led to a lifelong musical career.

Richard dropped out of college to perform and record as an Afro-Latin percussionist and he wrote/performed/directed with the San Francisco's legendary drag theatre group, the "Cockettes."

He moved to Paris in the early 1970s to perform musical theatre with the Grand Magic Circus, produced by Peter Brook of the Royal Shakespeare Company." His younger brother Danny Elfman joined the troupe and created his first original music. Brook brought the troupe to London, where Richard also was a frequent music session player on Abbey Road.

Richard started the music group "Oingo Boingo," and has directed television, seven feature films, produced 275 band and celebrity video interviews for Buzzine Media. Richard continues as a long time food and wine columnist, has three novels scheduled for publication and currently directs theatre and plays in the band, Mambo Demonico.

Richard lives under the iconic Hollywood sign with his wife, actress/choreographer/burlesque artist, Anastasia Elfman, where they host an underground music/wine/performance salon, The Barbecue Bacchanals. Richard is an acclaimed grill-master and cooks for their events as well as for cast and crews.

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