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Javier Yañez Sanz

Spain, 1979. Irene is an aspiring writer who obsesses with the delicate ghost at the library she works.

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Javier Yañez (1982 Madrid, Spain) is a film director with a wide experience in well known advertising campaigns and fiction short movies. He has also directed music videos and other personal pieces as inspirational works.

He is the CEO and founder of Wewotion, a production Company with clients like Fanta, Coca Cola, Desperados or Ikea. In 2013 he did the VFX of the short film “That wasn’t me”, winner of the Spanish Film Awards (Goya) for Best Short Fiction and nominated to the Oscar that same year.

Throughout his carrer he has become an international awarded Director and Producer with his short films; “Mighty Boy” (The fist adaptation of a manga from the Japanese Naoki Urasawa, in Spain), “Amor Sacro” (Released in Sitges in 2011) and “A través del ocaso” (2009). “La Perrera” is the visual poem , written by the poet from Los Angeles, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo. His last projects are a manga adaptation of Utopias by Shun Umezawa and his third manga adaptation "Bookworm" by Amagappa Shoujogun.

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