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Desperate to climb the ranks of Bevlon, a #girlboss pyramid scheme, Sofi throws a recruitment party for a few girlfriends. When one of her guests suddenly drops dead, Sofi and her friends must decide what matters more-their friendship or their downline.

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KASSY GASCHO is a very goofy 25-year-old filmmaker and film programmer whose work has been screened at various film festivals around the world since she was 16 years old. She’s been making movies way longer than that but you won’t ever see them. Kassy’s DIY filmmaking approach is informed by working in various roles over her time on this planet and having a strong background in editing, camera, and producing. Her latest short, The Phone Interview has received rave reviews such as "Can there be enough pink?” and “This looks like it was shot in Claire's store” as well as received multiple awards from festivals around the world. She’s very excited to bring her new short #BOSSBABE to the silver screen, where it belongs.

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