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A tomboy transforms the gender trappings of her childhood to show her cruel mother how sugar and spice don’t equal nice.


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In 2000, Renetta was living in Austin, Texas working as a Program Director for a youth organization, when she decided she wanted to take a leap of faith and pursue a career in the film industry. Putting all her belongings in storage, she packed her clothes and headed for Los Angeles, CA.

It was in Los Angeles where she met Bob Gary, a Script Supervisor who had worked on such film’s as “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”. “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte” who took Renetta under his wings and taught her everything she needed to know to begin her career in film. After working as a Script Supervisor on film's such as “Selma", "Marriage Story", and Promising Young Woman, Renetta realized she had her own stories to tell and began her journey to Directing.

With her first short “Processing” Renetta won many awards including Best Director, Best Horror and Best Actor.“Gummies” is her sophomore effort and is now entering into the 2023 film festival circuit.

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