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Director : Ivan Law

Writer : Monching Lin

Producer : Ivan Law

Main Cast : German Cheung



A man (German CHEUNG) is penniless but wants to live upstairs, so he has to rent some places that no one will rent. But after he settled down, he realized that he is not alone here.


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Ivan Law graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master's degree in Visual and Popular Culture Studies. He has extensive experience in shooting, editing, directing and producing short films, commercials and MV. In addition, he has been engaged in professional design for many years, and has participated in more than 3,000 design projects, including images, brands, print advertisements, products, packaging, web pages, mobile applications, etc. Currently, he is mainly working on video production, film marketing and digital media online promotion.


Hong Kong is so small and everything expensive, living in a subdivided house can lose more than half of the monthly salary, so if you can't afford it but still want to live, what can you do! A man has no choice, he just can rent some places that no one rents, and live in the most crude way. But can you really be sure that this place is nothing else living here besides you? Is Hong Kong still a good place to live?

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