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The daily life of a bourgeois family will be completely turned upside down when one day they receive an enigmatic painting anonymously. This one will exert an unhealthy fascination on the father. Gradually, weirder and weirder things start to happen. The roles will be reversed and unknown forces will be unleashed in the house. Everything can happen.


Florent MAGNOAC.jpg

Graduated from the New-York Film Academy (NYFA), he wrote and direted "Down with memories", selected in some festivals.

He then worked as camera operator and video editor on documentaries for TV. As an editor, he worked on commercials, reels and live shows recording.

Therefore he strengthens his technical precision and aesthetics.

He decided to create his own production structure in South America, oriented on making music tv programs: MaS Producciones Visual Media.

Back in France and thanks to the newly created structure fulFILMent Production, he undertakes the development of feature films, his own projects and try to create a new dynamics for young filmmakers around. He works with associations on their shootings ("Double Jeu", Grand Prize at Breves d'images Film Festival).

His filmography includes THE CHOICES OF MAELYS which had the honors of fifteen official selections at international film festivals, and distributed internationally in VOD.

He also wrote and directed the films IN PERPETUUM and the latest starting a festival run NIGHTS ARE THE LONGEST DAYS.

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