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The hosts of a horror chat show celebrate their favorite fictional monster, Bapholeth, by selling a cute toy in his image--only to be attacked by a very real cultist offended by the adorable blasphemy.


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Joseph Scrimshaw (originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, currently based in Los Angeles) is a writer, comedian, and filmmaker with experience in multiple mediums.

His comedy film, The Narrator starring Phil LaMarr, recently won the Silver Award for Best Experimental Short at the Portland Festival of Cinema, Animation & Technology. His short horror films, Unboxing The Cosmos and The Nightmare Adorable, have been official selections of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.

Joseph's written for Adult Swim’s fantasy comedy TV show, Tigtone, the movie-riffing group, RiffTrax, the scripted podcast, Getting On With James Urbaniak, and more. Joseph’s plays Adventures in Mating, An Inconvenient Squirrel, and My Monster (written with Bill Corbett) have been performed worldwide.

Joseph also co-hosts the hit Star Wars podcast, ForceCenter. As a comedian and actor, Joseph’s done the SF SketchFest, Jonathan Coulton’s JoCoCruise, multiple Fringe Festivals, pop culture conventions, and a commercial with the monkey from Friends. A true highlight of his varied career.

Recently, Joseph formed Strange Path Productions. The production company's name celebrates the long journey that led him to focus on filmmaking--an art form that incorporates many of the skills Joseph has honed as a producer, a theater artist, an actor, a comedian, and even that very expensive degree in visual art that everyone said was a bad idea.

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