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A woman caught up in predatory relationships is thrown into a multi-layered world of choices after she discovers a mystical book in a thrift store.

9:00PM PST


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Born and raised in a very poor home in Slidell, Louisiana, Joe Badon played in a Punk/Noise/Jazz Band in High School.  He went to the University of New Orleans to study film but only lasted one semester.  At age 20 he married his high-school sweetheart, had two daughters and became a Youth Pastor and an Associate Pastor at a non-denominational holy roller church. Badon was in church for 16 years and worked in ministry for 12 years.  

Joe then launched a new career in visual art and illustration.

Joe continued his career in freelance art doing comics and storyboards for films for almost 10 years.

At the age of 39, Joe decided to do the thing that he most wanted to do in life- and that was make a movie. Gathering cast and crew through social media and friends and family, Joe self financed his first film, ‘The God Inside My Ear’ in 2018. After an award winning festival run, ‘The God Inside My Ear’ secured worldwide distribution through Gravitas Ventures. 

In 2019, Joe ran a successful kickstarter to fund his second feature film ‘Sister Tempest’ which had an even more successful festival run and is being distributed through Darkside Releasing.  
In 2022, Joe wrote and directed his latest short film, ‘The Blood of the Dinosaurs’ which has played at such festivals as Fantasia, HollyShorts and BUFF!

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