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In a captivating tale of courage and mystery, young girl Eva embarks on a heart-pounding journey to rescue her beloved dog Daisy. When Daisy disappears into the darkness, Eva must confront her deepest fears and venture into an abandoned construction site. But as she delves deeper, an eerie presence looms, intensifying the suspense. With each step, Eva unravels the chilling secrets of the forsaken place, realizing that something sinister awaits her.

Packed with suspense, atmospheric settings, and a courageous protagonist, this thrilling movie will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Get ready to join Eva on a captivating journey that will make you tremble with fear.


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Dmytro Koturanov is an accomplished Ukrainian cinematographer and director. He began his career in 2014, specializing in commercials and promos. Graduating from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, he possesses a strong foundation in his craft.

Throughout his journey, Dmytro has collaborated with notable figures in sports, music, and show business, capturing their essence through visually stunning work. In 2016, he co-launched the groundbreaking Ukrainian series "UNKNOWN" with Artem Pivovarov, exploring the realms of music and creativity.

Currently, Dmytro focuses on creating captivating short films, music videos, and commercials for various brands, companies, and start-up projects. With his remarkable talent and artistic vision, he seamlessly brings concepts to life, leaving a lasting impression.

Driven by his passion for storytelling, Dmytro continues to push boundaries, captivating audiences with his visual mastery. His dedication, unwavering work ethic, and unique perspective make him a true force in the world of cinematography and directing in Ukraine.

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