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While returning back home, Katzuki enters an obscure and mysterious forest, unaware of the evil that lies within it. Among the shadows awaits the disturbed soul of a woman with a tragic past.


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Gonzalo Martini was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 19, he moved to Spain, where he began his studies as a filmmaker at the Camilo José Cela University. He studied a degree in Filmmaking and Audiovisual Fiction with Mention in Cinematography, to later specialize by completing a Master in 3D Animation Film and VFX at CEU San Pablo University. After graduating, he worked in various advertisements for renowned international brands and in video clips for musical artists. He later created the short films THE GHOST (2020) and SORROW (2020), during the 2020 pandemic and quarantine. MUERTO (2021) and YOKAI (2022) in co-production with Canon Spain Inc. are his most recent works. He is a member of DAMA (Copyright Association), PNR (New Filmmakers Platform), ACCIÓN (Spanish Film Director Association) and the Spanish Film Academy.
In Madrid in 2022 he founded his audiovisual production company called "Freak Project" where he continues creating worlds and stories

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