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Feature Films
Best Feature - Sister Tempest
Best Director - Joe Badon, Sister Tempest
Best Screenplay - Jeff Wedding, Tennessee Gothic
Best Cinematography - Eric Stanze, Tennessee Gothic
Best Editing - Joseph Estrade, Sister Tempest
Best Actor - Simon Phillips, The Nights Before Christmas
Best Actress - Cordula Zielonka, Marlene
Best Special FX - The Curse of Valburga
Best Score - Greg Bennett, Tennessee Gothic
Best Sound Design -Jeff Wedding, Tennessee Gothic
Best Kill - Table Scene, The Curse of Valburga
Best Killer - Artik

Short Films
Best Short - Malakout
Best Director - Presley Paras, Buffalo & Trout
Best Screenplay - Samuel Gonzalez Jr., The Springfield Three
Best Cinematography - Tom Meredith, The History of Monsters
Best Editing - Ryan Buckley, Possessions
Best Actor - John Ennis, This Is Not Acting, This Is Hell
Best Actress - Christine Woods, Possessions
Best Special FX - Rachel Wagner, $trip
Best Score - Tonya Ballman, Night of the Witch
Best Sound Design - Soroush Abedi, Malakout
Best Kill - Face Peel, Sonrisas 
Best Killer - Eyeball Monster, Backward Creep